Thursday, October 27, 2011

OPI Muppets!!!!

A while ago I received an email from Dollupnails, one of the online shops where I regularly buy polishes. OPI-Muppets collection was available for preordering. As I scrolled down their website I instantly knew which other polishes I wanted to add to the order, but to pick out a couple of Muppets' oeehh that was so difficult!

I tried to search down swatches, but it was hard since the collection avaible yet. And the only photos available were from nailwheels or small presskits it seemed cause I saw the same colors each time. So trying to make a decision I came to the following colors;

Excuse moi!, Rainbow Connection, Divine Swine, Gone Gonzo!, Meep Meep Meep
2x Merry Midnight, Crown me Already!, Pink Shatter

This is one of the few collections I was reaalllyy looking forward to and had my hopes set on getting some :) So the fact that it was only just a pre-order and I had to wait a while, didn't spoil any of my fun, it was pure excitement! As always my order arrived perfectly (perfectly packed, always great communication through emails) and it felt like a little xmas party in October with all those glitsorz haha. The only thing I regret is not having picked out more colors ....  ;)

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rock-or-not said...

Have fun with all this!
Can't wait to see it on your nails!

Lizzy O said...

Oh, I almost got these, now wondering why I didn't buy them.
They are back on my list now..
Where did you buy these? Looks wonderful!!

MiniStyle said...

wow ! soo cool !
How much did you pay for each ?

Sharon said...

I love the muppet collection! ive been eyeing Rainbow Connection since the collection came out!

Martje said...

I bought them at, prices are posted in Singapore dollars. I've ordered a couple of times with this company and never had any problems, extremly polite people!!

Bickley said...

These are FANTASTIC! Thanks for posting…gorgeous shades, and I am all about sparkle!
~Erin from StrictlyBickley (a fellow beauty blogger)

Martje said...

I have tried them each color on a nail...but still not a full mani as I can't decide which amazing sparkle I want!!

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