Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Esence - Chirp, Chirp

As I'm almost always too late buying full/new collections at my local Kruitvat, I was lucky enough to buy 2 LE collections and ow boy was I happy ;)
Catrice's Bohemia LE collection of polishes inlcuding; 1) Yes, You Tan!, 2) Bring Me Terra Copper!, 3) Looking Sunkissed and 4) Be Indiglow
Essence Natventurista LE polishes; 1) You're My Dragonfly, Sugar!, 2)Mother Earth Is Watching You, 3) Brarefoot Through the Moss and 4) Chirp, Chirp!

This is 2 layers of Chirp, Chirp! over Sally H. basecoat. It's a nudish beige color with a hint of pink shimmer in it. As I did Google for some more swatches I came acros pictures of bloggers where you can really see the green shimmer as well. I must admit I can't tell that from my bottle nor my nails...and I don't really miss it either ;) it just suprised me a wee bit. I looove this kind of nude colors, like the have a little secret extra that will be reveiled in certain angles. Polishes stayed on very well, 4 days without any chips or anything. I think it's a brilliant base for stamping, but that has to be tried out by me still :)

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KarenD said...

Great shopping luck! This is a pretty polish.

Martje said...

haha yes I felt so lucky :) for Ballerina (Essence) and Papagena (Catrice) I had to visit 3 different stores :S But that ended up well so I can't complain, only problem atm in this tiny country would be Teeez holos boehoee, I tried contacting the company...

rock-or-not said...

I'm not a big fan of clear polishes )=
So this one is not for me!
Glad you found it!

My nail polish online said...

This one looks nice :-)

Yolandaas said...

Thats looks lovely.. great blog! x

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