Monday, February 27, 2012

I stole the photosz!! camera isn't working as it supposed to and I really wanted to make a post. So all the photos in this post are not mine!! I'll give a link/courtesy of the owner below the photos, but I wanted to share good stuff with you :)

First...I'd like to share my latest Konad plate with you sweeties. The first time I saw this plate it was on Spellbinding Nails , and I fell in love instant actually. It has sweet birds, cupcake/ice-cream/candy, a little animal and stars!!

image from

Look at that!! The only problem was..ordering it :S That was a real pain. Several internet shop UK based used to have it, but all were sold out, even on Amazon. I ordered it through the same shop as where I found the image from and the price incl shipping costs ended at about 20euros...yes for 1 image plate. That'!! But I am glad I have it in my collection ;)

Second... I have a couple of new polishes yay!!! With big help from my sister in law :) She was in London for a couple of days and she texted me if I wanted something. She was too kind, cause she brought back Illamasqua Scorn & Baptiste, Nails Inc Whitehall (magnetic) and Filthy Gorgeous Got the Blues (magnetic). As I babysitted my little cousin last Saterday I was given the polishes and I'm sooo happy. ( not only did I get the polishes, but she gave me a new haircut as well, she's a hairdesigner. I had an amazing day!! )  The colors are gorgeous and I hope to show my own photos real soon!

image from

image from

image from
image from

Right now I'm wearing Illamasque Scorn. I used Konad Q1 to stamp the birdies on both my thumbs and the other 8 fingers have Konad M57 leopard. As for the stampingpolish I used China Glaze Poetic...which I think is one of the best stamping polish from my own polishes!! I should try get other shades from that collestion :)

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Sarahlouise1986 said...

Oo i cant wait to see your manicure with the plate!- and ooo youve got some great polishes inc! - you should totally stamp over a magnetic base - trust me your love it!!


Lizzy O. said...

LOL.. Your title is hilarious!

Spellbinding Nails sure will make you want a lot of stamping plates, and this is a lovely one to get! So pretty!

Your sister-in-law is so kind to get you such a gorgeous polish!

Here's to hoping your camera starts working soon. :-)

Vegan Makeup Junkie said...

I want that plate sooo badly! It's so damn pricey though, also I'm sure shipping to the US and exchange rate will kill me. :x One day though, one day.. hah

paintednailsandbakingscales said...

I just LOVE magnetic nails. The Filthy Gorgeous ones are very similar to the ones in the UK by No 17.

♥beauxs mom said...

Love that plate such cool images, well worth it I think,

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