Tuesday, February 14, 2012

lovely holo :)

Let me start of with a little disaster :S

Just as we began this new year I thought..wow would it be nice to own some more Catherine Arley polishes..like the other 10 I don't have yet. I have emailed the supplier before but never got an answer to my questions and as time passed by and no attention from my side it just slipped away in a little forget corner of my mind. But looking at some other bloggers and their collections I reaallly wanted the other holos from that brand!! As I was searching the internetshop of what I think is the only selling point online for those CA holos...I found out it 2 numbers weren't even available anymore amagad!!!! The horror ggrrr... I did get my hands on 8...but for some reason I know I'll be hunting down the last 2 :(  Soo if someone wants to sell me those..or knows where to get them pwettie pls let me know ;) (nr 802 & 803)

As i was preparing my nails..cuticle remover etc etc pampering myself :) I picked out one of the "new" colors and BANGGGG....I was almost in tears.. well not literally bang, but check the bottle as I unscrewed the cap....there is no brush in the cap!!!

Now how awful is that! :S I did receive my money back for this bottle and got a cleaned old Seche Vite cap and placed it on, so actually there is no real spillage...all is left in the original bottle...but it sucks when things like this happen boehoeee.

Now onto the fun part :)

This ia an amazing blue scattereed holo from Ozoti Pro (nr 617) from my latest swap with sweet Michelle from Cosmetic Cupcake.

I looove it :) as I mentioned before with nr 521...these polishes really glide on your nail. It's some sort of super quality! Sparkles, shines and stays on for so long. I lub it!!

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Ivana said...

Haha when I saw a picture on preview post I was like, what? Why I don't see the brush there? LOL That was a really nice surprise though, even worse when you find out that the brush is wonky. :)) And this Ozotic pro really look gorgeous on your nails sweetie! Why I don't owe any of them? Hmmm need to change that one day. :*

Martje said...

you should!!! they are a-ma-zing :) I'm so happy to own them, I still have nr 530 to try and show ;) but 100% satisfied with the other 2

rock-or-not said...

Too bad for the polish )=
Fortunately you saved it!
Great blue!
i really love it!

♥beauxs mom said...

Sorry to hear about the polishes not being available that stinks! And that sucks about the missing brush that happened to me with a pure ice polish once, glad it was an easy fix, that ozotic is beautiful!

Eugene Marseille said...

Amazing color!


Ashesela said...

That blue is stunning!!! Sorry to hear about the missing brush!! D:

Eva said...

Rr im so jealous the blue one is stunning!

Following u and hope u follow back!


Sandra said...

Super beautiful polish. :)

nail art zelf doen said...

Nice collor
Great blue!

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