Sunday, May 6, 2012

back with polish on my fingorsz entire month without any posts, I should really stop taking breaks so long haha.

For the entire month we've been busy redoing our attic and cleaning out the entire house. Since we moved in we used the attic as an extended storage space and only stuffed it with boxes or items we perhaps want to sell on Evulbay. But with the visit of our Uk friends, we had plenty of time to finally sort things through and really redo the place. So each evening after work and even during the weekend it was all about cleaning, throwing stuff away/drive to the citydump, and paint. Which meant for me extremely dry skin on body and hands, not to even mention my nails....oow wow they have suffered so much :S

During this month I went to Amsterdam, yes again :), with my colleague to a certain Vichy/LaRoche Posay sunseminar...but not without some shopping as we both had the day of and the seminar started after diner. I finally picked up my 3 eyeshadows at Inglot.

Now this was very hard for me to do as I always go for pinks and purples, I sooo wanted something different and googled my way for swatches. 44 (shine), 419 (pearl) and 444 (pearl), but one them is not the color I picked out, I wanted it to be moe with a hint of blueish but it was sold out so picked out a different one. Together they look amazing...but since green is new to me I still have to "play" with it more to create my own look :)

And yaaay, no more heavy cleaning or painting so it was time to do something to my hands :S I have them a nice treatment with a handsoak with Koh products, filed them down, erased the extreme excessive cuticles and painted them in my newly bought Essie polish. Yes you read that, silly country started selling Essie at the Etos-shops and they were on a discount atm. I have bought an Essie polish on my NY trip and shall I say was super cheap/normal pricedd. But when some brands hit this shore and being sold out here prices almost double up or in some cases triple up and I aks myself why??? But I love the colors soooo muuchh and it's good quality, and I always say; I dont smoke, so I have "spare" money to spend (no offence on smokers, but that's just my way of approvel to spend money hahaha).

I ended up buying 2 bottles of Essie, Dive Bar and Smokin Hot.

And I luuuub em :)

Sooo what did I miss this month?! What have you been up to??

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Miss Delirium said...

God those eyeshadows are simply amazing, the colors are so beautiful :)
I love Inglot!!! :) And Essie for that matter, Ive been wanting Dive Bar for so long now, I gotta go purchase it too ^^

Jû rockornot said...

Welcome back!!
Great deals!
I love all!

Witoxicity said...

How lovely that you're done with clearing the house. We've still got to do ours. :( Lovely Inglot eyeshadow shades, Martje. And you're absolutely right about how they hike up the prices of things once they reach our shores. It's so unfair!

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