Saturday, May 12, 2012

hurray scored some LE Catrice & Essence

I was once lucky again to get my hands on some of the LE of Essence and Catrice, since we have the worst drugstore in the entire NL boehoee...but I nagged about it too much already ;)

Catrice LE Revoltaire;
all 5 polishes; Innocent Toxin, Attracting Camouflage, Colour Bomb, Colour of Honor, Mission Lilac
Colour Bomb blush
Both eyeshadow boxes; Toxic Combination, Explosive Combination
Lipstick nr 2 Nude Alarm, I didn't buy the others cause I wouldn't wear them. This is more my kind of color.

I really love the design of this LE. The eyeshadow boxes look very professional for such a cheap brand, but when you open them up..woooweee...some weird musty smell comes from them :S I didn't dare to use them yet. I'm gonna leave them for a bit till the smell wears off first haha.

Essence LE Fruity
Banana Joe, Peach Beauty, Very Cherry,  Mashed Berries and I got the scented tc. I only bought the polishes that caught my eye...and 1 was already sold out boehoee, so if anyone has a spare One Kiwi a Day...I would love to have it in my collection!!

Sooo much to try out again aahhh....

I think I will put myself on a no-buy polish regime for a while. I have such a big stash now, and so many colours not used yet and not payed enough attention to. And!! I should do more stamping, just because it's fun alone

Yesss this is my very first ever made lemon meringue pie :) My sweet friend Susannah who visited us (with hubby ofc) for a weekend in NL thought me her family recipe. Though the process had a slow start as I didn't buy the right flour, it ended up well. It does need more practise, but it looked and tasted soooo gooood :)

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Jû rockornot said...

Great haul!!!
Have fun with all this!

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