Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glossybox in the Netherlands

A while ago I saw a little advert passing by as I was hunting the net for bargains. Glossybox would come to my little silly country as well...hurray :) I had seen these lovely boxes filled with miniature goodies all over the blogs and I felt left out for living here boehoee. Yes sometimes we wanna participate in the cool stuff as well ;)

Seeing the advert made me so curious that I immediatly signed up for it. Each month starting from November on you'll be getting a little box delivered filled with small goodies. ( costs would be 12,50euros including shipment ) Once received you can place a little review on their site to earn certain tokens ( 20 tokens per product, max 100 tokens per delivered box ), that way you can collect 1000 tokens to get yourself a free box! And if you feel like signing out of the program, it's no problemo either all can be arranged on their site/ your account.

Today I received the box at work, since I'll be spending most daytime there I didn't want to burden my neighbours with yet another parcel to claim for me. Normally I would have ripped the box open and inspected it and show it to my colleagues, but I was ill leaving for home :( I saved it for a better moment later on after some sleep.

Now click away if you don't want to see the content cause your package hasn't arrived yet!!

  • Herôme W.I.C. polish - Amsterdam full size and a travelsize glasvile
  • Rituals super shine lipgloss - Sugar Rose full size
  • Comfort Zone skin defender cream 15ml
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills mini-tweezer and brow gel, came along with a coupon for a touch-up at Douglas shops
  • L’oreal professionnel haarmask and Mythic hairoil both generous minis

I'm very satisfied I have to say. the minis aren't as mini as I had expected, quite generous. I love the shade of lipgloss ( I've seen other bloggers getting a different color and I prefer this one hihi ) I'm gonna stay a member for quite some time!! ( if you would purchase the gloss in one of the Ritual shops it would cost the same amount as the entire box, how cool is that ;)  )

7 reacties:

rock-or-not said...

Glad for you!!
Looks great!!
It's sure that the suprise side can be good or bad because if you get a color you don't like it's really too bad..

Martje said...

Yes a big suprise factor indeed, but I'm not afraid not to test teh products and make a friend or colleague happy with something ofc. Would be a waste if I kept it in the box just cause i received it, can always make someone else happy with it :)

PolishSis said...

Hey Martje, bedankt voor de tip, heb me gelijk aangemeld! XXX Inge

Mizz Entice said...

oh wow! Those are very generous sizes! You got some great goodies!!

Ms Bubu said...

It seems good!

Ria said...

This is awesome Martje! I wish Glossybox comes here as well!

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