Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inglot....again :)

A while ago, like 6months :), I wrote about a swap I had with a sweety called Nikolina ( read here ) I was thrilled to have my very first Inglot and the colors I picked out were just perfect!! The quad contains numbers; 397, 487, 482 and 434 the gelliner is nr 75. The brand itself was completly new to me, as it wasn't even being sold in my country and I only heared rumours about it and other poeples blogposts. What triggered my mind most was the brightness of the colors and all people were saying was how magnificent coverage and pigmentation the products have. ( I btw picked out these specific colors after reading a post on Joey Chong's blog which you can read here )

During my little trip in Ny I did visit the Inglot shop for about 3 times...but I couldn't make any purchase cause I had no clue where to begin at. I love the eyeshadows most I have to admit, but to combine another quad seems just so easy to do, yet so hard cause I was a little overwhelmed with all the beautiful colors and textures and aarghh...leaving the shop again :S Even my husband was confused at some point for me not buying anything, well i did buy something at all the otehr shops I had only just entered...why not this one right?!

Was I so cheerful when news came Inglot would open up a store in Amsterdam ( meantime there are 2 in NL I think...correct me if I'm wrong though ) in june this year. I set this shop on my shops-to-visit-next-time-I'd-be-in-A'dam-list....which was a  while ago with my mom :)

We were the only 2 in the shop as we went on a monday...and mondays shops open up quite late ( 13ish ) and we already had a little walk from the train to Bijenkorf and towards this street. So we had the entire place for ourselves, and the sweetie, Eefje ( sorry have to note your name ) who worked that day was sooo super sweet to us I just had to buy something!! Well yes that and the fact I had my mind already set up on a triple eyeshadow freedom system thingy.

So I already had the quad and eyeliner nr 75...I bought liner nr 74 as well :) I love my purpleszz and for the triple thingy i picked out nr; 500, 502 and 467. ( fun things is mom picked out the the first 2..and last has same hint of color as well...and we were walking seperate through the shop ) as far as I can remember the triple was 20euros and the liner 12euros, which isn't a lot in my opinion. We got to pick the colors we want, the item has a perfect pigmentation and quite a bit of product. I would definatly buy again at Inglot A'dam, if anyone wants to brag up on their fav Inglot products pls do so, perhaps it'll convince me to take it along next time I visit the shop ;)

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Yolandaas said...

those look great.. ive never tried that brand.. :)

rock-or-not said...

Looks great!!
Enjoy these little wonders!

Mia Rivel said...

I love inglot cosmetics - they are one of my favs =)

-Mia xoxo

Witoxicity said...

I had the exact feeling when I was in the Inglot store - so many colours, so many possible combinations. Where do you begin?!? I agree about the sales staff. They're very friendly and helpful. I like the three shades that you got. :)

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