Thursday, November 10, 2011

ow hai again!!

Hellooo again :) and welcome new followers ofcourse

It's been little over a week ago since I posted last, but I had some very very important fun things to do besides!! Haha. actually it was very cultural and learnful, but indeed it involved loads of shopping as well ;)

Me and the hubby went for a midweek to Berlin. We had a perfect hotel, which was situated in the center and was easy to get to by subway, the weather was great. November can be a little harsh, but it wasn't cold at all and we had sun all 5 days. We ate at various restaurants italian, mexican, vietnamese nomnom, seen lots of architectal and cultural cool things ;) We even did 4 museums on sunday!! ( I loved the Pergamon one with the fabulous sculptures and tales and stories behind it about it )

I won't bore you with any photos and more tales about my findings in Berlin..unless you want me to ofc, I can always get back to it. I do want to share my happy buying with you, since my colleagues can't believe it all fitted in my one tiny suitcase I brought along.

I bought...a Desigual coat ( finally!! but only since it was in the outlet part of the shop, I find them way too expensive other ways ), a Desigual shirt ( a red one with a geisha-ish cartoon face on it ), a pair of lovely laced up boots with wedge soles ( dark brown ones, I never buy brown shoes! ), a black Fossil watch, CK One Shock ( on the airport ofc ) and Kiko make-up....we don't have Kiko shops.

Glamorous eye pencil nr 414 ( black with a hint of glitter), pigment loosepowder nr 5 a lilac/purple, colour sphere baked eyeshadow nr 41 again...purple :) 2 velvet mat lipsticks nr 602 & 614 a raspberry redish and a nude peach-like. I did buy a nailpolish as well...but I can't show it yet as I bought the exact same for a swap for someone ;) Was kind of tricky to buy the polishes since we had our tiny suitcases which we took with us on the plane, I was afraid they wouldn't let me take it...but I got past the checks!!

When we came back home there were some nice packages waiting for me as well...besides our silly cats :) 2 swap packages ( 1 from a lovely blogger and 1 from a fellow MUA-er...yes I have discovered MUA! ) and a little shopping-spree on AMW...gosh I am so addicted :S I'll show you all later on... :)

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Ivana said...

Looks like you had a great time dear! Nice goodies! Enjoy your new toys! Wish we had Kiko in Slovenia. :(

rock-or-not said...

Welcome back!!
Must have been awesome!
Enjoy your haul! Great items!

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