Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hurray it`s weekend!!!

Wow it`s been such a busy week, I`m exhausted :S But it was nice to see my girls again, and I played WOW so much :) I really enjoyed the cake-decorating workshop!! I got the technique how to cover up a cake with fondant or even otehr products and how to create a very simple picture from a had to be Hello Kitty!!

And!!! when I came home, exhausted from work, there was an amazing suprise wating for me. Well actually I knew I had won, but I really enjoyed receiving and opening a package. I won sweet Laura's **Give-Away**. It contained 2 Barry M polishes 1 being the black crackle :), a ring, a necklace, some lovely beauty products and a little glittery bag in which all fitted in perfectly!

And!!! I finally had time to put some polish on my nails..pheeww it was about a week ago I had my last color on, I felt sooo naked through teh entire time :S

This is 2 layers of Sally Hansen's - Violet Sparks 87. I bought it in our locol Kruitvat-shop...I had no idea they would sell some Sally colors as well. they already had some nail thicken polishes and cuticle cream, but they didn`t have these. From what I saw there were about 8 different colors available, since I`m a sucker for pinks and purples I automatically picked out this one, but I`ll return....sooon :)

Quick peek of my fab week :) I`m glad it`s over and the relaxing can start again. Today my last ** Give-Away** has ended, I`ll do my best to announce a winner this weekend, and tomorrow I`ll start a new, 2nd of 4, **Give-Away**

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Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Awesome looks sooo cute that I'd be afraid to eat it, yet, I love cake so I'd have to eat it. lol

Congrats on your giveaway winnings too. I love when those are timed well and come when you really need a good pick-me-up.

Half Dressed said...

The cake looks amazing!!! Love hello kitty :)
Thank you for mentioning the giveaway, hope you have fun with the barry m polishes :)

L x

Monika Rivera said...

Such a cute cake! Good job! :D

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