Thursday, December 2, 2010

Xmas cosmetics

I did a little cosmetics shopping at All Cosmetics Wholesale for Xmas, I always like to buy some new eyeshadows for festive days :)

Revlon - bedroom eyes/powder liner 675 jaded...oeehh this look very very nice when I applied it on my hand :) I`ll try it on my eye this weekend, and if it`s a succes I`ll place a photo.
Pixi -  eye color sealer, can be used with random loose powder as well to create a liquid eyeliner, I "needed"  this for my next 2 products!! :)
MAC - 2 tiny bottles of loose pigment; Kitschmas and Deep Blue Green. Indeed very very pigmentated products. I love pinks (and purples) and the darker one could just give it an edgy look. Very curious about trying this out!
Laura Mercier - lipstick in color Dark Rose. I checked this website and even Laura Merciers website...but rl look of this color is a bit more red then I had expected. Not 100% sure I like it. I`ll use it with a fresh brush, if it`s not of my likings I can place it on my swap page.
POP - lip smoothie lipgloss 5 Strawberry, very very pigmentated as well. This was a free gift with the purchase, I would have never picked this color by myself :) Can be fun, but I usually go wild with eye colors and having both would make me look like a clown :S

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Nice make up haul. :)

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