Saturday, September 25, 2010

UC atm....**Give-Away** soon!

I haven`t posted in a few days...cause I thought the blog was starting to look like a bright funfair :S And as I like the sophisticaded look of the charcoal template I`ve decided to go back to the 2 column blogthingy :) Since I have no clue what I`m doing computerwise, but I did want to try it out on my own, it took a little longer then I had expected  hihihi.

I`m about to create a special page for everyones, and my own, **Give-Away** competitions as well, so the mainpage won`t get cluttert. I think I`ll have that managed within half an hour....but I`m off to the shops as well for some nice bargains....casue...

I`m gonna start a little **Give-Away** myself tonight/tomorrow as well to "celebrate"  the new look ;)

( it`ll be international again, with new items and some only swatched/used once items as well. Only GFC-followers can join in as with my other 2 give-aways)

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