Sunday, September 12, 2010


I recently made up my mind about ending a subscription on a fashion magazine, must have had it going on for about 5 years or so :S It changed too much during the days and all I was reading about were so called high fashion celeb parties in the Netherlands :S with their fashionistas blablabla...just girls who seem to have had a cameo or 2 in a dutch tv series and now they can claim their rights on the titles of society chicks :S....booooringgg.

So I made a couple of trip to the magazine vendors and browsed a bit through other magazines and Red caught my eye. If you read the title, which says 'for the best things in life' , and browse it a bit, it`s way more into my interest. Didn`t want to subscribe right away, cause well let`s be fair...the gift they`ll give you does the trick as well and I`m always willing to wait a couple of months till they have the right thing. But!!! I didn`t had to :) Cause the gift they had at the time I was searching the subscription-page was amazing weewooo.

A nice set of products from Koh. I mentioned this brand earlier. It`s a dutch brand, has the same owner as Herome products. This set contained; a red nailpolish ( ofc! ), a colour booster polish, wipe it away polish ( which is really just an apply to your nail...wait a couple of seconds...and wipe the color off :) So no more cottons + polish removers, I`m very exciting to try this out ) and an essential hand nourisher with spf15. together the set would have cost about 70euros at least, and the subscription was about 35euros for a year...and I like this magazine!!  :)

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The Green Fairy said...

Nice gifts! Somehow, I never subscribe to any magazine here. Most of the things I read are either from the UK or USA... Sometimes Australian. I find Singapore publications quite shallow somehow.

Half Dressed said...

Ooo nice gifts! Looking forward to hearing how the wipe it away polish turns out :)

L x
Half Dressed

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

nice gift ^^

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