Wednesday, September 15, 2010

S-he + a little BM with For Audrey

A while ago I had a swap and ow boy do I love the polishes I received ;) 

In these pictures I`m using  S-he 427, 2 layers over China Glaze Strong Adhesion BaseCoat. After a couple of days I want to try out a little Konading...actually using the Bundle Monster plates. I tried it out with one of the China Glaze holos, He`s Going In Circles...but it didn`t apear over the pink :) It would have looked nice over a creme ink or other creme base, but not over S-he 427. A little frustrated as I really wanted to see some stamping over this polish I dug deep in my Helmer and got For!! The 2nd picture doesn`t really bring out that feeling I had seeing it RL :) It was so so cool!! A great compination for the soft pink holo comnibed with the in my opinion soft creme minty color. I will try out some more stamping with these 2.

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