Tuesday, September 7, 2010

London Shopping Haul :)

Yesterday evening we came back from our 5 day trip to friends near London. We`ve done amazing things, went to the cinema ( we saw Inception ), meet up some other people we know from playing an mmorpg ( WOW ), had amazing diners which even included Drakes, visited IJL in London and bought some tiny silver pieces for creating necklaces/bracelets and we did some shopping ofc!!

What you see in the picture is just what would fit in my photostudio-thingy :) I did buy a nice jacket at John Lewis, nice red ballerina/flats at GAP, tea at Fortnum & Masons, cookingbook ( Cook Yourself Thin ) at Waterstones, Lemony Flutter from Lush, a couple of Hello Kitty earbutts from Claire`s and some nail polishes....some more polishes....nailart liners...  ;)

At Claire`s I got 2 sets of nail art liners. First set contains; black, white, silver. Second set contains; fuchsia, purple, aquamarine.
At Boots I got a package of nailstickers from ElegantTouch and 3 polishes from Barry M; 161 Vivid Purple, 300 Blueberry and 305 Pink Flamingo.
At Superdrug I got 3 Collection 2000 polishes; 27 Wham, 32 BMX Bandit and 37 BongoBeat.
At Selfridges I got OPI - Ski Teal We Drop.
At Debenhams I got a set of 4 polishes from Nails Inc. Autumn/Winter 2010 set containing; Palace Gardens Terrace, Lowndes Square, Queensgate Mews, Duke Of Wellington Place.
At Gatwick Airport I spent my last coins on Rimmel polish; 053 Apricot Punch....which has a fruity scent when dry :)

*** Aarghh I forgot about the musical Wicked we went to ;)  ***

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Alice said...

Big haul!! Hope to see the swatches soon! :)

Half Dressed said...

Eck, I just tried writing a comment and then I got an error so this might have already gone through? I dunno. But anyway...

You have some great stuff there :) Glad you had fun. I play MMO's and just started playing WOW (My BF played years ago and decided we should play again lol)

L x

Martje said...

We had loads of fun in london/at friends :)

oeh just started with WOW...be carefull, might get you addicted, I play it since it started about 5,5years ago now.

Half Dressed said...

Wow you much be a crazy high level!! It is addictive I already have 2 characters lol

L x

Martje said...

haha, well i played a NELF till max level, and switched to a DK, which is ofc level 80 as it`s my main char. I`m a tank and since a year we don`t do HC raiding anymore, but up till then we were raiding pretty much 4-5 nights a week :S Besides the tank i have some other 80`s and looking forward to Cata!! :) yes...I`m a nerdy girl sometimes, but i try to hide it with the nailpolishes ;)

Ria said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had an amazing time!If I went to London I'm sure they'd lose me somewhere between Superdrug, Boots and Claire's.Or I'd go and find Prince William :p
Looking forward to swatches!And one of my best friends is a WoW fanatic too!I'm sure if I start I'll get addicted.

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