Monday, September 20, 2010

NaRaYa bags :)

A while ago I mentioned in one of my blogs the many bags I had purchased during our honeymoon in Thailand earlier this year, in May. We were having a nice evening walk on one of the many markets in Bangkok when we came acros a little shop hidden in the crowd, NaRaYa. It was insta heaven for me. Sooo many colors and sizes and aaaahh..I`m in heaavven :) I grabbed the shopping basket, telling my newly wed husband this could take a while...and it did. There was so just so many things to choose from, unbelievable :) After about 40-45 minutes I finally made my discission. in the first picture you see what it was. Purple shoulder bag, long wallet and a little bag to keep my mp3-player in. Waiting at the cashier I knew I couldn`t get into a shock paying for it, cause that was the biggest problem when I was searching through all the entire stock. These bags are relativly cheap!! Yet of a very very good quality. Getting a smile from ear to ear, receiving my bag..filled with bags, I took the leaflet of the shop along as well. Since we were making a trip through entire Thailand I was surely hoping we would bump into one of the addresses :)

Luckily we did yay! By the time we arrived in Phuket, which was in the end of our journey I had already read the leaflet for a 100times and worked out which places/shops we could try to visit. We went in a cab and asked the driver to take us to one of the shoppingmalls on the island, and that little daytrip was well worth it. I bought the bags in pictures 2,3 and 4 ( bag 4 is so big it didn`t even fit the photoboot as well :S  ) there.

At the last moment of shoppingtime we had,...yes I`m an addict and not afraid to tell you so, at the airport just before checking in that is, I noticed my 3rd and last NaRaYa shop. I had already figured out if the shop would still be open it would be nice to bring my 2 best friends something nice as well. And what could be better then somethingyou`re crazy about yourself. The bag you see in photo 5 is the same one I gave them as well. We`re triplets now :)

Being back and sometimes search the net for some selling points of these bags bring back good memories. not only of the amazing shoppingspree I had in the shops, but we really really had an amazing trip.

If you ever see these shops, or can get your hands on a nice cute little bag...I strongly suggest to go for it!! You might regret it if you don`t and before you know it it`s too late ;)

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amusedPolish said...

these bags are really cute :)

I love buying bags/clothes/accessories during my holidays/abroad because they bring back so many good memories :)

Ria said...

I love bags!And these ones are gorgeous!
I know what you mean about regreting not buying something...sigh!

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