Tuesday, August 2, 2011

amagad goodies almost stolen!

I was trying to make nice photo of some recent bought goodies from Evulbay...when there was a weird creature trying to steal the goodies!!

What an evul cat!! Luckily my busband was around and caught it, cause the feisty little thing was unstoppable.

Bad Lola!!!

Evulbay has helped me score some nice goodies wooop! My very first Chrome polish by Sally Hansen - Violet Sapphire, Nail Prism - Pink Rose Diamond, Revlon Just Tinted - Mystical...yaaayyy and sweet Michy gave me their Just Tinted tc so I finally have a match couple.

I don`t know about you out there, but I looove scented/flavoured lip balms. I never count them, always seem to "loose"  them in my bags as well. So when i was ordering my polishes at this boutique I picked out a couple of Lipsmackers nomnom. Cookies 'n Cream and Starburst - peaches & creme.

Now let me show you my massive pink swap with Michy :)

SH Nail Prism - Fire Opal, Revlon Just Tinted tc, Nicoly by OPI - Shell me the truth, Sinful Colors - You just wait, Pure Ice - First Love, Pink Ice, Lilac Mist, Watermelon Ice, Tease, Studio M - Tru Passion, SH - Rockstar Pink, Pure Ice - Spit Fire, Mint Dream, oh Baby!, Don't you whish, SH - Rock Candy and SC - Bali Mist :)

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adthenshesmiled said...

My cat steals chapstick off of every surface! I have to buy a new one every week cause they all eventually go missing AND it doesn't matter how high i put it lol

rock-or-not said...

Bad girl ^^
Wow great swap!!
Have fun with all this!

Deborah said...

That's some serious swapping :D!

Anonymous said...

lovely colors!!
and cute cat!

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Awesome! .... and bad Lola. ;P

♥beauxs mom said...

wow nice swap the prisms look awesome sauce, lola is such a cutie!

calicoaster said...

Great collection!! :) <3 <3

Minza. said...

You've a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
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lovenailpolish said...

You made me laugh out loud, not just sayin! That is why I spelled it out- amagad!

Great post, awesome swap haul. Love those pinks, esp the light ones. It is good to know when they aren't - gasps in horror - sheer.

I collect the Nail Prisms, I have almost forty. I don't wear them anymore, strangely.

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