Sunday, August 7, 2011

Give-Away by Sonidlo's nail polishes

Sonidlo's nail polishes is having an amazing **Give-Away** which ends on August 27th, if you would like to participate, there are some small "rules". Check here!!

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Pralinka said...

thanks for informations! could you mention about my blogs giveaway too? please :) I'll be very thankful!

with love,
I have really nice GIVEAWAY -your participation in it is very important for me!

sisier said...

wel jammer dat er bijna alleen winacties van anderen langs komen

Martje said...

Wow, I'm somewhat flabergasted atm.

Roughly translation of that last comment would be ; "too bad its almost only other peoples' give-aways that are show"

First of all...I am trying to organise a giveaway of my own within the next couple of weeks, but Im waiting for some packages from USA and China to arrive...and Im working 50hr weeks atm, which give me limited time for shopping and exploring since I need my rest as well.

Second, I love to share my intest in certain bloggers by sharing info. I always link back to my swapbuddies so others can check them out as well and thats the same with giveaways which I have entered, its a nice way to spread the word a bit...but thats merely my opinion ofc.

Last but not least, as far as I know, Sisier, I have never invited you to come check my blog. If there is something you dont like about now I suspect, why dont you just click my blog away and leave :) It made it only clear to me you're obviously only into free goodies and stuff, but pls dont enter mine as I dont really like that kind of people.

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