Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Tinted

My precious...mhuahaha...

the first flashes of photos apeared on 2 American bloggers posts and I already knew, whatever this was I want it! Days gone by...and still I hadn`t got a clue what it was and almost even forgot about it. And when you really start to forget things, boom, hurray it`s back again. I visited the local beautyshop, but ofc they wouldn't sell it, as they told me the Just Tinted collection would only be released in USA. So a little trip to Evulbay...yes again ;)...was inevitable.

Revlon - Just Tinted polishes. They looked amazing. Buildable colors, extreme see-through. I somewhat compare them to a blush on your cheek, dunno why?! They dry up somewhat matte, but using their special tc it looks almost like a sorbet like OPI's. ( I received the TC in a swap with Michy, as she knew these were on my lemminglist) From the 4 available colors 2 really got my attention; Mystical and Victorian...I ended up buying Mystical because it leans more to pinkish/purpleish...whilest Victorian is more of a coral.

This is 2 layers topped with Revlons special tc. See..veeerryy visible VNL, but the picture shows it more then I noticed it in rl. It dried quite quick, didn`t peel at all, there was slight tipwear after 2 days. Love it!!

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♥beauxs mom said...

I'm so jealous I've been searching for these everywhere, lucky martje!

rock-or-not said...

A cute pink!
I love it!

sisier said...

leuk kleurtje :)

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