Saturday, August 27, 2011

uber cupcakes & China Glaze Halloweeeeeen goodies :)

Don't you love cupcakes!! The come in various shapes, sizes, colors, tastes etc etc. I was lucky enough to taste some amazing ones during our NY trip. Even though I will never ever bake any that will match the quality of bakerys cupcakes. But I always love to try out new stuff!!

This was the first time I made ganache (a mix of chocolate, butter and cream) and I will defo make it more often, nomnom it tasted just great! After a night in the fridge it looked all perfect as well.

The soft lilacs have an icing with cream cheese..which was somewhat thin, but tasted so sweet!! I love adding edible glitsorz :)

ooeehhh and!!! I HAD to buy these polishes, they`re just unpacked, haven`t even opened a bottle!! China Glaze's 2011 halloween collection wooop.

It's Alive, Haunting, Black Mesh (crackle), Near Dark, Crimson, Gouish Glow (glow in the dark), Fast Forward Top Coat (amazing product!!)

I`ve got a week off from work, which is purely relaxing, celebrate my bday on 1st of September by shopping with my friend in Antwerp, and paint my nails!! I`m pretty sure these polishes will pass as well. But first I have some beauties on my desk which I gained from sweet swaps ;)

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Sarahlouise1986 said...

Drools at its alive and those yummy cakes! i demand 1 nows lol


hope your well sweetie and thanks for your email reply <3

Freshie said...

Cupcakes = one of my other obsessions! Just made rootbeer float ones last night. Where did you get those adorable cupcake decorations?

rock-or-not said...

Your cakes are so cute!!
I want to eat them!!
This collection is not for me )=

Martje said...

@Freshie...there are special silicon molds for decorations, which you can use with marzipan or fondant. some can even be used to make chocolates. very very easy and fun!

Playing With Polish said...

An early happy birthday! Those cupcakes look so yummy! It sounds like you have a fun b-day week planned :-)

I am looking forward to Halloween swatches :-D

Sydney H. said...

Just started following your blog and love it!!
I love cupcakes and these look so yummy and nicee:)

-Sydney xo

Irishenchantment said...

those cupcakes look so yummy! nom nom nom :D

shel xx

Marta Sobral said...

Visita-me e se gostares segue-me publicamente :)

Eef en Lot said...

wauw super mooi zeg! Ik heb laatst ook cupcakes gebakken, het ging echt best goed want ze waren echt heel erg mooi geworden en het was niet echt heel moeilijk, het recept was van lily's cupcakes.

Wij hebben nu op onze blog heel veel win-acties omdat we één jaar zijn, misschien vind je het leuk om mee te doen of om je lezeressen te tippen?

Eef en Lot

Witoxicity said...

Oh, nomnom indeed! They look sooooo good too! You're such a talent at baking and such.

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