Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The day I heared about winning the Avene trip....I was at home since it was my day off on a Monday, we were already informed on Friday we had won the trip, which really shocked us cause we had no clue. The price was for those pharmacies who won a contest with selling most Avene products within a certain week of summer...we won of our region. But who to pick since it was a trip for 2 persons from a pharmacy. Our boss wrote names down on papers and did the old pick-2-trick, and therefor me and a colleaugue could go...yaaaayyy was all I could answer through the phone as my boss rang me.

We had no clue what the trip would be about, at first we imagined just 1 or 1,5 days filled with information and the rest would be time off for some serious shopping...wooot...but nothing seemed like that :S the program was so stuffed with seminars, botanical garden visits, a visit to...well anything you can imagine really. And each day started with a nice breakfast, followed with amazing lunches and diners...which meant starting with champagne, red and white wine...omg never had I drank so much :) And ofc the company/seminars in between.

Eventually we did have some spare quick time in each city we were at, but we were already dead tired when we arrived so it was 2 or 3 shops and heading tobed right after diner...but that`s okay we had some nice goodies to take with us. I didn`t even took a nice long bubble bath cause I was way to tired haha, ow the amazing big rooms I`ll miss those. We all had our own private bedroom so no fights for the bathroom in the morning.

We just had an amazing time, everything was arranged by Pierre Fabre group, which is the name/man behind Avene products. We laughed so much with the other winners, we learned and saw so many things, me and my colleague are going to adjust the products we sell in our pharmacie. Gonna make the corner bigger and make it all a bigger range of products. I`m just really really glad we had this opertunity.

(unfortunatly I can`t place any photo`s of the inside stuff...which is too bad, cause it`s was such a nice atmosphere everywhere. Nice calm, everywhere plants :)  )

From our quick shoppingspree at LaFayette and Sephora; which resulted in; 3 Sinful Colors polishes ( See You Soon, Sharon`s Heart and I Love You ), a lipbalm by Carrot, a facemask from Sephora and a lipstick from Urban Decay ( Lovechild ).

Oehh all the goodies we got :) Lot`s of cremes and oigntments ofc, slippers, a bag, a book a huge bottle of wine from his own vineyards...

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Evelien said...

Sounds great!! Love Avene!

Maud said...

Wat leuk zeg! Ah al die goodies<3

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