Monday, October 4, 2010

Gosh Holographic

Readers choice I picked Gosh holo today :)

As you can zoom in, it already has some slight chips on the edges, cause I washed my hands so often today. I`m not wearing a proper base-coat and defo not wearing a topcoat since those ruin this it`s my own fault it chipped. Then again it was a rather okay priced polish and I`m willing to renew it every day cause it looks so special. I still love this flashy color!!

5 reacties:

Katrina said...

what an AWESOME holo polish!!!!! ;)

Ria said...

Oh I just love this color!Makes your mood, just by looking at it!

Priscilla said...

I really love this color <3

Peggy B. said...

My request <3
Thanks for the swatch!I love looking at this color every single time (:

Zara said...

Very nice! If I wore this, I would be staring at my nails all day...more so than usual, that is. ;)

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