Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cookies And Cream + Konad

I`ve worn Cookies And Cream all day and even got complements from one of my colleagues. I love it as a nude, but after the day I thought it looked a bit dull so I was ready for some Konad action :) Having some (4)  Konad plates and a Bundle Monster set it`s sometimes hard to decide which plate to go for, and when it`s that time again I always pick the leopard one. It`s funny...quick, and actually can`t go wrong at all cause it looks okay from each angle. I used Gosh - Purple Heart for it, it`s not a deep dark cause of the purple duochrome looks in it.

3 reacties:

Zara said...

Very nice! I really like that color, and the konading looks awesome. :)

Katrina said...

what a beautiful nude color!!! ;)

Priscilla said...

I love the combo! The leopard plate is great :) It's my favorite. Unfortunatly I'm not good at Konading (yet!)

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