Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pupa Baroque Couture

A while ago I`ve purchased these 3 gorgeous polishes from Pupa`s autumn collection called Baroque couture collection.  900 green, 206 pink and 901 brown. The bottles are quite small about 5ml, but you don`t need much polish cause they are very high pigmented. In the following pictures I only applyed 1 layer to show you the colors. I would have used 2 layers and a top-coat if I`d wear it to work or anything. The polish glydes on your nail, brush is perfect just 1 stroke and my entire nail was covered. I love this brand!!

 hmm...I can`t choose, I like euhm all. Soft shaded autumn colors :)

I also read, on their website and even on Flavia her website; Pupa is comming up with a cracking effect nailpolish as well. Website shows it will be released end of october...I wonder when and where it will be available, cause I`d really like to have the white + purple combination!!

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Zara said...

I really like all of these! I think they were trying to imitate Chanel Les Khakis, though. :)

Martje said...

Ow yes...but I don`t mind since the Chanel Khakis are hard to get for me :S I`d have to travel to Amsterdam to get those or something since they won`t sell em in my city :S ggrr... Oooeehh I`m going to A`dam 30th, might as well stop by the shop :)

Ria said...

I can choose...
Love the brown and the green ones!
And I agree with Zara on the imitating the Khakis.But great colors should have dupes :)

AestheticAnonymous said...

Those are such cute little bottles! :)

Anonymous said...

like it :)
nice blog btw

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