Sunday, October 10, 2010

CND Night Factory

CND Urban Oasis ( colour ) + Tael Sparkle ( effect )  = Night Factory...

I have absolutly no regret buying some of the CND effect polishes, I love what they do to "normal" colors. "you'll find the perfect Effect for every mood." = What`s posted on Transdesign. And it`s very true. Myself I`m very into sparkling polishes, I would not pick the pearls or the shimmers. And I love the fact you can play around with it on other brands/polishes/colors as well. When I receive my packages I always try them on on different fingers, not worth snapping some photo`s for this blog since it usually ends up in a complete mess :) But I did try each of my ordered sparkles ( Tael, Raspberry and Jade ) on top of the same base, Urban Oasis, 3 big different looks on 3 fingers!! I`ll try to make a nice photo of it next week so you can all see the difference like I did, since I`m so over-enthousiastic about it ;)

For this combo, I could wear the tael color on it`s own, tbh I love the color. It`s a very very nice polish, only needed 1 layer and it covered everything. the perfect brush helped a lot as well ofc. The effect-polish just adds a little...sparkle :) I would really really recommend these sparkles to anyone!! Not just this combo, but try create your own look with it, casue of the many possibilities!!

Check CND`s original website for their available colors

3 reacties:

Ria said...

It does look different!!
I think I might bet some of the effects!
Thanks Martje! :)

Zara said...

Very pretty! I don't have any CND polishes...which needs to change. :)

Half Dressed said...

I don't have any CND polishes, they look great :)

L x
Half Dressed

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