Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My New Necklace

I like creating my own necklaces and bracelets. I wonder through shops quite often to get some ideas and then I try to order the same fort of materials online. I like working with pearls and small gems, but if faux pearl or plastic items would do the trick for me, then it`s only better for my wallet ofc ;) And it`s way handier to cut a selfmade piece into bits for creating an even better or newer "design"  then try to demolish your omg-expensive-bought-in-the-shop nacklace! I can get tired of a certain design quite quick and it`s a shame not to wear the item anymore, but then again the pieces itsef would fit perfect for a different bracelet.

During our trip to Thailand I have bought many strings of freshwater pearls, and when we were in London I bought some silver pieces at IJL as well. All pieces together got me creating this necklace. Really really like the idea of not having the back clasp located at indeed the back/the neck, but make it a piece of the necklace itself.  the beads themselves are not symetric either, which gives it all a funny playful design. Ofc I`ve added some purple tinted glassbeads as I love my purples!!

I leave you with this post for about 4-5 days now as my trip to Aven, France will start tomorrow....really exciting about it as we do know what is planned, but have no idea wht the outcome of it will be like. It seems we`ll get a small study-tour through their proces of creating and selling beauty products and even pharmacy products.

C u soon, and don`t foget to enter the **Give-Away** !!!

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Lucy said...

Beautiful necklace. I so admire you for being creative like that.

Martje said...

Ah that`s so sweet thank you, it`s not really a hard thing to do though. It`s more about combining beads/items you like.

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