Saturday, October 2, 2010

Latest TD haul :)

Don`t you love it when your package from Transdesign...or which other company you ordered from, arrives! I`m just a happy six-yr old on her bday :) Nowadays I let them ship the parcel to my work address, so my colleagues can have a look as well, and I got them a bottle of Seche Vite cause they were so curious about the product. It took me some time to complete this order since I wanted some effects polishes from CND and I couldn`t choose :S I watched and read so many posts by others and saw so many swatches that I finally came up with 3...actually i wanted 4, but can`t have it all right ;) This is the list what I bought this time;

China Glaze - Encouragement
CND -Teal Sparkle
CND - Urban Oasis
CND - Raspberry Sparkle
CND - Jade Sparkle
Color Club - Revvvolution
Color Club - Uptown Girl
( and the 2 bottles of Seche Vite )

CND & Color Club are the first bottles of these brands for me, but since I`ve seen so many colors and read good things about them, I really had to try it out :)

Oeh almost forgot!!! I got Orly`s Pixie Dust from Ebay as well...woow that`s so cute .

I`ll try make some pictures soon ;)

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Katrina said...

ooh! nice haul!! have fun with Revvvolution! its an AWESOME polish :D

Zara said...

Nice haul! I can't wait to see swatches.

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