Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bday boy :)

Yesterday was my hubbies b-day and as usual, I get overexcited in the kitchen :) Since we moved to this house, about 3,5 years ago cooking is great!! Cause we choose our own kitchen and I must admit...its pretty awsome.

By cooking I mean everything, from pastas, to chicken roasts from the oven, but my favorites will always be, cakes and cupcakes. I bought a book, I had my eyes on for a while, in my own town. Glad I finally found it, since it was the dutch translation. The english writer/version shows different measurements and sometimes I cant seem to translate the ingredients either. The book is named after the shops, The Hummingbird Bakkery, and all the recipes look sooooo good :). I decide to make 2 cakes with fruit, since hubby loves fruit. I made a blueberry round cake toped with a creamy icing and more blueberries and the other ones is a tripple layered cake, bottom is brownie, middle is cheesecake and top is a cream with raspberries and it's topped with raspberries as well, yuuummmm. It went amazing and everyone loved it. Think I`ll make the tripple layered one for my b-day as well.

My cooking experiences don't always go all well ;) 2 weeks ago I descided it was time to use this book and I went for the lime-pie...not a lemon-pie..but lime. Welll you all can guess what the problem was. It was waaayy to sour. The combination between the suggery wipped cream on top and the extremely soureness, since it has the juice of 5!! limes, it was horrible. Luckily we can both laugh about it whilest it was ditched into the garbage. And I always say; there is only 1 way to find out if a recipe is a good one...just try it out!

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Lily nail said...

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Martje said...

oeh I just signed in :) good luck and have fun with the competition!!!

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