Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Garden of...

There are these shops, spread around several cities in the Netherlands, which start with "the Garden of...."  (Tuin van...) and then the name of the city it's located in. Even though I live in the middle of nowhere, we have one as well. It's filled with body products, vitamine and mineral supplements, candles, healthy snacks, just nice luxery scented items. Each time I visite it I wanna buy some nice things and I long more and more to a bath in our house so I can use those huge balls that will fall apart when you throw em in and create an explotion of scents and colors and sizzle all over the bath :)

This week, during my lunchbreak I had a little I-wanna-get-some-nice-things-moment again, and this what I came back with;

 * Freeman's facial clay-mask, avocado & oatmeal. This smells sooo nice. It's a thick rich, nicely scented clay mask I always aply with a little spatula I get from the pharmacy. I really have the feeling this mask cleans out my pores, since at 28 I still have a troubling T-zone, it really helps regulate the oily skin.

* Freeman's bare foot, shea butter heel and callus balm, peppermint & plum, this is yummy!!! When i don't feel like walking back to the bathroom to get my Vichy Podexine, I grab this tube since it's stored next to my bed. It smell sooo great, the peppermint coolness will fade away after a couple of minutes and what rests is a nice plum scent.....mmmm. next morning my feet are so soft and smell so nice. I never wash it off my hand btw since I like the scent so much.

* Yes to carrot, feel the C. This is an exfoilliant for hands...and I use it for feet as well. Hve only discovered this product recently and it's almost out of stock all the time :S

* Montagne Jeunesse, Foot soak- Foot lotion, this is a little combination sachet. the first part, the soak, is litteraly for a little foot bath. smells nice of pink grapefruit and mint, after the bath you can use the second part which is a minty balm. I love to take these on vacation as well. This brand has fabulous face masks as well for 1 time use, I always take a peel-off mask on vacation.

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