Sunday, July 4, 2010


550 purple heart, It's not purple...and it's not black. I do think the color is to hard on my fingernails, so I use it as toe-polish ooorr I use it with my konad kit for stamping ;)

549 holographic, This is my first holographic and I love it! I shocked my colleagues with it, since they had no clue such thing excisted.

555 silver, this is extremely shiny, not like the Minx mani`s I`ve seen on WAH-nails, but still shiny. I use it on my Konad-set as well.

553 black passion,This is a black but with silvery glitters in it so I call it shimmer. Love using this on my Konad-set as well. Don't like it as a base color on my fingernails.

546 rainbow, ooeehh my first flakie. I dont like to use this on it's own. Always on a different colored base, mostly purple or black ones. Love the iridiscent colors on the flakes.

565 fix base, a base-coat specialy for holographic polishes. I also use this for the OPI DS ones. OPI does have it's own base-coat on market, but this one works fine for me.

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