Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Molina (Birkenstock)

yay!!!  :)  My shoes arrived today....not that I was desperatly waiting for them as I already have 3 pairs of the same model, but I just love these.

When we were on a trip through Marocco last year, we had a very nice girl in the group who lives in Antwerp. She had the cutest pair of Birkenstocks I`ve ever layed eyes on.....You must know, I work as a pharmasist-assistent and during the day I stand aaalll the time, which leads to sore feet in the evening and in busy times I even get slight back-aches as well. So the upcomming Brikenstocks were somewhat an outcome, but we, as in me and my colleagues, didn't like the looks of those "healthy"-shoes very much......It looks like its the Madrid model, only it has 3 "holes" on each side and ofcourse the name is different ;)

I asked her where she bought them and the answer was the anme of a shop in Antwerp/berlgium, but she wasn`t sure they were still available since she got them the year before.when we came home I immediatly start a search on the net and I finally found the name for the model....and I'll never forget it!! I even searched some sellpoints in the Netherlands but couldn't find any, so there was only 1 thing left to do, take a little trip to Antwerp!

My girlfriend and I found the shop and as we entered it was almost Birkenstock heaven :) so many colors and models, and there they were....."my"  Molinas. a nice pair of bronze colored, just bought them rightaway. I was so thrilled about them I wore them almost each day of last summer and even bought 2!! extra pairs fuchsia pink and japanese golden ones :)

Being so enthousiastic about the brand has made some of my colleagues to follow with my addiction as well.....which again resulted in buying another pair this week (the black pattent ones you see at the top), just to keep em save and in stock for next year since I love love love this model!!

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