Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Orly mattes :)

In these photos I`m trying out my Orly mattes. I used China Glaze- strong adhesive base-coat first. Dried up very smoothly and fast. Then I applyed the dark/black Iron Butterfly and the purple Purple Velvet. I`ve never used a matte before, I did have China Glaze matte top-coat and HEMA`s topcoat as well, so I was wondering how to handle this kind of polish. Both of em dried up very fast after applying, so it wasn`t possible to recover any small mistakes. Had to make fast streaks and apply a 2nd layer after 5 minutes. Polishes/brands themselves I would recommend to anyone. The colors are quite heavy, but since they`re matte and the blackish one has shimmers in it and the fact my nails are tiny gives a soft character to the whole. So even though I picked these colors by watching swatches and reading comments of others, I don`t regret picking these 2 :)

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