Sunday, July 4, 2010

China Glaze

625 For Audrey, A creamy blue, almost like the color Tiffanies uses on their gift boxes. An ode to Audrey Hepburn since she played in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanies. Just like al creme polishes....I really have to sit down and take my time to apply it neatly or I'll make a mess out of it hehe, love the color!

182 Ruby Pumps, Tbh...haven't used this one yet. I still have my extremly long acrylic nails, which will be taken off next week. And I don't like red colors on long nails. So I'm waiting for the right size to use it, the color in the jar does make me smile and makes me think or Dorethys clicky-the-click shoes!

687 Poetic, a soft metallic which builds up "strength"  by multiple layers...I like it 1 layered though, a nice soft metallic layer.

839 Dollhouse,YES..this screaammsss. This is glitter extravaganzzaa. Huge pink glitters which add up nicely layer after layer. Can almost put on my lipstick when looking at my nail with several layers. But as I mentioned before...a pain to get it off, any suggestions please let me know!

796 Bad Kitty, Just the name It has a slight pink clear base, and its stuffed with pink toned multi-glitters. love it!!

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