Monday, July 26, 2010

Jip & Janneke :)

I think that 80% of the children growing up in the Netherlands will know the characters Jip & Janneke. They`re from childrenbooks written by Annie M.G. Schmidt, a writer who has passed away in 1995. The storie's about 2 children, a boy and a girl, a little dog called Takkie and a cat Siepie and describes several  things like celebrating a birthday, visiting grandma or even doing laundry. Simple stories with simple black & white drawings. I still have the books as they were given to me on my birthdays in my childhoodyears.

A dutch department store chain called HEMA has explusive rights of selling items with images of Jip & Janneke. From bathfoam, to haircombs, even lunchboxes, well you name it really. Today I walked in the HEMA, as I really like the stores with some nice cheap yet durable items, and I saw they had a special display of make-up with J&J!!! I just had to have it!! and immediatly I bought every item ;) Actually I didn't even buy it for myself, I did it for the swap-page, as I think many amongst us will search several department stores finding an item which will be sold out soon. Check the swap-page for the sets I bought!!

These items were available;

nailpolish: clear, silver, pink  2,50euros each
eyeshadow: white, black, pink  3,00euros each
lipgloss: light pink, fuchsia  2,50euros each
bronzing powder 4,50euros
pink powder brush 4,00euros

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