Monday, July 19, 2010

My Nfu Oh mani :)

Weeeee, I got my Nfu Oh nr 50 :)

Purples just make me smile...a lot! I saw some swatches of people wearing this color and I fell in love, just had to have it.

* first I've used the incredible Nfu Oh cuticle remover.
* a layer of Sally Hansens double duty. i really need this. Last week I finally got rid of my acrylic nails, and I really need to learn how to handle my original nails again.
* 1 layer of Opi- Parlez-vous OPI?
* 2 layers of Nfu Oh nr 50

I even did my toenails the same color, so it matches when I wear my Birki's to work :)

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Shiny! said...

It's beautiful, and nice color to layer it on :)
Flakies on toes, good idea!

Martje said...

I love polishing my toes, those tiny short colored nails make your feet look more "atractive" then when it's all natural.

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