Sunday, July 4, 2010


DS-diamond,  a holographic violet/purple finish. Defo needs 2 or 3 layers. and preferable a special base coat for holo's.

DS-signatur, a holographic pink/mauve. Havent used this color yet :) but I`m almost certain it will be like DS-diamond.

Yokohama-collectie Baby Blue, a nice iridiscent that flashes between blue and gold, very very nice!! Couldnt get it at Transdesign since its a collection that only came out in Japan and Australia. Dollupnails sells them, nice fast delivery and very friendly people.

Yokohama-collectie Cherry Blossom, a nice cherry-clossom pink that looks a lot ike Princess Rule! yet this one is more coral, whilest Princess is more pinkish. I must admit the name of the color triggered my mind, since I used the Cherry Blossom theme a lot on my wedding day :) Still a very nice color which not a lot of people yet have.

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