Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My happy feet

These are ofc my toes :) And this is the first picture i`m showing of my paint-art, havent posted any nails yet, just the bottles thus far. As you can see in my previous post I love wearing my Birki's, but I always polish my toes! Wouldn't it look just dull is they were au naturel?! I like wearing a silly tshirt, or more eye-shadow then normal or indeed funny nails to work, makes it all a bit more bareable to get through the day ;) Neehh it's not that bad, but since I often get stories and backgrounds about peoples diseases, you sometimes need a little extra to get people smile back at you.

Back to the polish ;)

 If I really wanna give myself a nice "treat" I start with a foothbath and use an exfolliant creme ( Vichy Podexine- kerato reducing scrub) to get rid of the callus of my feet, I like using the products of Vichy Podexine (specially for feet)  for it. When I've planned to polish my nails I don't immediatly apply a moisturiser, otehrwise polish won't get "grip".

After feet dried, I first use Nfu Oh's cuticle remover cause the skin is nice soft now. Quickly dip my toes back in the bath to get rid of the excess gunk and remover...

In the toe-picture I've used;

 *  Sally Hansen-double duty....I love this as a base-coat
 *  2 layers of China-Glaze-For Audry 625 
 *  for the silver stripes I used a freestyle/tip painter by Essence
 *  on the 2 big toes I've added little nail jewels, also by Essence
 * finished it with another layer of Sally's double duty

And the finish it aaaalll, when the polish was dry I used a rich layer of Vichys preventing dry feet ( Vichy Podexine-Reconstruant pieds secs).

there you go....happy feet :)

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