Sunday, July 4, 2010


Venus di Violet, iridiscent color that flashes pink and violet. I dont like this color on my hands cause it flashes to often, I do love it on my toes. Waste of a good polish perhaps?! Noooo toes need to look good as well.

Oh so Glam!, iridescent as well. white as you aply but it flashes gold. Looks very good on it's own, when more layers added I think it looks a bit cheap, too much white for me.

Just tea-sing!, a very nice sheer nude. In 1 layer this doesnt even look like nailpolish, just like a healthy nail. With 2 layers it's more shiney and thus more polishy look. I love this color, one of my favorites.

Funny Bunny, Once saw this on someones blog...she had already used half the bottle and was so n love with it, but for me again like Oh so Glam! as well, it can become too white and I dont like that look a lot. So just 1 layer to make my nail look healthier, like after a cutticle treatment and I dont feel like a deep color, but not as a 3 layered mani :S

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