Saturday, July 24, 2010

New orders

I`ve made some new orders with 2 American companies, aaannnd won an amazing auction on Ebay as well. Hope they will arrive soon cause I really can't wait. I`ve seen loads of swatches and amazing pictures of other polish-addicts and these came on my whishlist for now.

From Head2Toe I`ve ordered; 
  • China Glaze - FYI
  • China Glaze - L8R
  • China Glaze - Spin me around
  • China Glaze - He`s going in circles
  • China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
  • China Glaze - strong adhesion base-coat
  • Seche Vite -dry fast top-coat
  • Orly - Iron Butterfly
  • Orly - Purple Velvet
  • Orly - Purple Pleather

From eNailSupply I`ve ordered;
  • Zoya - Edyta (new collection)
  • Zoya - Kelly (new collection)
  • Zoya - Posh (matte)
  • Essie - Resort collection (4 pcs)
  • China Glaze - Channelesque ( 2 x, since I want to use 1 bottle for my swap-page)

From Ebay I`ve "ordered" ;
  •  Claire's mood changing polishes; Fabulous/Funky ( 2 x ), Peaceful/Confident ( 2 x ), Flirty/Shy, Excited/Bored, Awsome/Silly, Calm/Wild and Happy/Earthy. ( The 2 extras again for the swap-page )
  • Nubar - Gem
  • Nubar - Hyacinth Sparkle
Hope they will arrive soon...even the extra ordered items, I`ll place em on the swap-page as soon as I can. But I want to see them reallife first before making any assumptions ;)

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Evelien said...

Oh really curious to the claire mood ones! And the essie resort also looks nice to me.

Martje said...

I`ll make some swatches of the Claire's mood polishes when they`ll arrive then :) And Essie as well if you like.

Vedra said...

Hi! May I ask how much you paid for shipping from head2toe and enailsupply? I'm just trying to find out if head2toe changed their int'l rates since the last time I ordered (about a year ago), and I never ordered from the second seller before so I'm curious if their shipping is high. TY! :)

Martje said...

Both companies didn`t use flate rate box shippings...whichs is quite nasty. That would only cost about 18dollars and Transdesign still uses it as long as you mention it in a comment and not use Paypal right away. But since I really really wanted several colors I couln`t get at Transdesign I had to find other companies. Head2Toe shippingcosts were about 32,55usd and order was 34,94usd, next time I`ll ask others if they want something ordered as well :)My order at eNailSupply was 49,86usd and shippingcosts 42,16usd....but they have China Glaze Channelesuq! :) Hope this was useful for you.

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